The Clothes Show Live Take Two

So if you read yesterdays blog post you probably got the impression that I absolutely adored the show. So today I’m giving a quick run down of my favourite designers and lines that emerged from the spectacle. First off the show doesn’t just do one type of line it incorporates high street, up and coming designers and […]

The Clothes Show Live Take One

After an absolutely perfect weekend I am back, worn out and about to start some work. But before I get down to that I will post some of the absolute highlights of The Clothes Show live, reviews of the designers and outfits are set to follow. I would probably say the best part of the […]

100 Fashion Things I Want

#FOUR Underwear. I could happily buy more underwear than my entire house could hold, wearing pretty underwear makes me feel a thousand times sexier than wearing boring stuff. Unfortunately my favourite store for underwear (La Senza) closed last year so if anyone knows of any good lingerie shops, online or otherwise, please say!