My Dad has lived in the same house since I was three years old and up until about a week ago my bedroom hadn’t changed since then. When I started uni three years ago I stopped staying at my Dads so much when I went home and predominantly lived with my Mum. I couldn’t work […]

Christmas Time

I have been stupidly busy at University recently with the end of term and like a billion essay deadlines coming up which means my blog posts have been, quite frankly, embrassingly infrequent. How do I make that up to my wonderful followers (and anyone else who stumbles upon this page)? Well for one I am […]

Reason I Love My Room

I’ve wanted one for ages and now I finally have one! I plan to increase this collection as I am completely in love with dream catchers. Plus they do work, I hadn’t a bad dream in days then last night it fell off the wall and I had a bad dream. True story. Maybe I […]

Design Me A Bedroom

So I’ve just moved back into University owned accommodation, which is fairly difficult to make look individual in any way, but I have done my best to put in my own things. Maybe it’s my recent Parisian experience but I adore French posters at the minute… hence all the French posters. The map is one […]

The Home I Have Decorated in My Head

I cannot wait for the day I move into my own place (for real, not just uni accommodation!) because I have pretty much planned out decorations for every room there could possibly be. I absolutely love Moroccan themed designs at the moment, I love how relaxed it all seems and so colourful without being in your […]

Interior Design Inspo

I’m back in halls next year and after that I plan (fingers crossed) to find myself a job and move into my own place and when I do these are just some of the strange things I want to have in my home! I came across this photo whilst on stumbleupon looking at pretty wedding […]