Vanilla & Digestive Cupcakes

Tomorrow my college at University is hosting a Comic Relief bake off and I thought why not take part? I probably should have answered that question with ‘you don’t own weighing scales at uni so you will have to guess the ingredients quantity’ but I did not. I made cupcakes and yes, I guess the […]

Christmas Time

I have been stupidly busy at University recently with the end of term and like a billion essay deadlines coming up which means my blog posts have been, quite frankly, embrassingly infrequent. How do I make that up to my wonderful followers (and anyone else who stumbles upon this page)? Well for one I am […]

Cupcake Mania

Rainbow Cupcakes, my first attempt! Cupcakes are my speciality when baking and I love trying new recipes so I thought I would give basic vanilla buttercream cupcakes a twist! Ingredients: 4oz Self-raising flour 4oz Butter 4oz Caster Sugar 2 Eggs 1tsp Baking Powder 1tsp Vanilla Extract 1tsp Red Colouring 1tsp Yellow Colouring 1tsp Blue Colouring […]

Food Porn

I’m off to Barcelona for 10 days tomorrow with (as far as I know) no internet, so I won’t have regular updates. Hopefully I will be able to do some fashion forward post and maybe a don’t fret it’s friday before I head off but considering I haven’t even packed I may not manage it. […]