5 Things You SHOULD Buy in the January Sales

Every year I wait in anticipation for the sales and every year I spend days questioning whether I really have the money after christmas to splash out. This year I don’t and I am still finding time to browse online. So here, to make you feel a little less guilty about your money spending habits, are 5 things it really is okay to buy in the January sales:

1. An LBD

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 15.37.18

Most of the time I can fabric a reason out of nowhere for why I should buy something but an LBD doesn’t even really need to be explained. The only exception would be if you already have 5 or more then I don’t think you can argue. But something simple, black and versatile is a wardrobe staple and an always justifiable buy.

2. Presents


The sales are perfect for early birthday presents. My brothers birthday is in January and my boyfriends and three of my closest friends turn 21 in February, then my Grandparents and father are in March… by the time I would normally be buying presents prices are up so whilst your browsing the sales see if you can spot something nice for someones birthday. You can spend a fiver and they will still think you’ve splashed out!

3. Make up


I will always find bargain clothes. Whether it’s cheap stores, charity shops or knock downs for bad altercations but the one thing I think you cannot cheap out on is make-up. The more expensive brands are more expensive for a reason so if you find yourself looking at 50% off Bobbi Brown you definitely have the right to spend.

4. Stock for car boots


I posted a while back some tips on car boot sales after my first one and here is a great tip: buy to sell. The sales are a great time to get stock, cheap clothes, accessories etc. that you can sell at a car boot for just a little extra.

5. That thing you didn’t get for Christmas


 Every year I write a list of things I want and hand it to the various members of my family to buy from. Yes it is controlling but as a fashion blogger my taste depends on what is trending and I know what I like however almost every single year my family ignore the list. They always get me brilliant presents but there’s always that one thing I think ‘I wish they had got me that’. So in the sale if you spot the thing you wanted and no one got you, just go for it.

Celebrity Fashion Spotlight: Blake Lively

Five Reasons I Love Blake Lively (and Serena Van Der Woodsen):

blake-lively-blue-dress-leggy-regis-kelly-2011-3 green lantern premiere 160611 gossipgirl-season-2-never-been-marcused Fashion's Night Out: The Show - Arrivals


Empire line dresses and short girly styles are what Blake Lively does perfectly. Both on Gossip Girl and in her actual life she does dresses like nobody else, style icon? Yes I think so.

And one reason I don’t:


This photo was leaked before the last episode of Gossip Girl, I haven’t caught up with the show yet so I have no idea why she is wearing this number but I really don’t like it. The material looks cheap despite having a designer name and I can only imagine price tag. Big mistake.

Where to Buy: Wedge Hi Tops

If you saw my posts from The Clothes Show Live you’ll know that if there’s one thing you should be opening the purse strings for at the moment it’s hi top trainers. I personally love my Nike pair that have no heel (hello comfort) but wedge heels are absolutely the rage. The thing is they aren’t your usual heel OR your usual trainer so knowing where to buy isn’t the easiest. So I am here to help. Here’s where to buy wedge heels if you’re looking to…


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 18.49.57

New Look.

Recently voted in Company magazine the best place to buy shoes for under £100, New Look is always a safe place to go for shoes and these simple black and white wedge trainers are just £20 and so easy to wear!


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 18.50.11


I first found this website a number of years ago when it wasn’t very popular and I remember the skirt section only had around 5 or 6 items for sale. Since the day I found it (I’m sure there’s no correlation!) it has blown up in the fashion world with products featuring in tons of the best magazines. These gorgeous suede wedges are a bargain at £37.99!



Urban Outfitters

These are absolutely perfect if you don’t think you can quite pull off trainers. Slightly more understated and totally chic they capture elegance with this surprising trend. A little more expensive at £85 but totally worth it



See by Chloe

I don’t need to say much about these gorgeous shoes, they pretty much speak for themselves. If someones looking to splurge on you this christmas ask for these, you won’t regret it. £248.62

5 Outfits Your Puppy Should Have This Xmas

So I know most people recoil in horror when they hear of buying their dog clothes and I have to admit I am one of the people that dresses her pets. Although I think my border terrier may be a little too big now to look uber cute in his outfits I still like to browse just incase. So if you are thinking of dressing your dog I have just a few recommendations…


The Clothes Show Live Take Two

So if you read yesterdays blog post you probably got the impression that I absolutely adored the show. So today I’m giving a quick run down of my favourite designers and lines that emerged from the spectacle. First off the show doesn’t just do one type of line it incorporates high street, up and coming designers and couture all in one neat little hour.

So from the high street these were my two favourite outfits:

4257180_assocImage_2In above: Shorts and top from American Apparel

In below: Top from The Ragged Priest, shorts from Topshop, shoes from New Look

The High Street outfits were mostly seen on the dancers due to their practicality I can only imagine and if this showed anything it was heels are out and trainers are in. High tops were the shoe of choice both in the show and in the audience and these wedge heeled trainers courtesy of New Look complimented the short/top combo perfectly. The red disco shorts shown in the above picture from American Apparel are on my to buy list. Forget high waisted disco trousers these are super cute and super sexy.

Favourite Designers:

Isobel Webster



Clearly the celebrities are already on this designer and who can really say they’re surprised? Her all in ones, whether full length trousers or swimsuit like bodies, brought colour and shape to the show. Worn on models or the likes of Jessie J these designs look incredible, how practical they would be on the average person is another question. Her designs that featured on the dancers at Ibiza nightclub Paradise incorporated the clubs logo and with metallic belts upheld fashion, class and an incredible amount of sex appeal (see below).

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 22.45.26


This brand was used for the Fashion Week section of the show and it’s obvious why. They’re designs and outfits were out there, original and, in my opinion, absolutely stunning!



If you read this blog regularly you’ll know it’s definitely no secret that I adore anything oversized so this line was always going to sit well with me. Maxi skirts in bright colours teamed with oversized tops seemed like a combination that was so obvious and at the same time so incredibly understated. On their website you can see that there designs are far from limited showcasing fitted jackets and trousers and some incredibly original shapes, seen above.

Inbar Spector

I have to admit after looking at her line and her Autumn/Winter 12 catwalk I was a little disappointed. The pieces that attracted me to her  in the show were far subtler than the line she advertises as her A/W 12 line and personally I feel the latter sometimes come across too busy. However her fitting and materials are certainly what set her apart from other designers.Various textures and shapes combine to make eye catching evening wear, whether that eye catching is good or bad is up to you.


Where the show failed?

I honestly couldn’t pin point a designer I didn’t think showcased at least a couple of brilliant pieces but I do feel there was one element of the show that let it down and that was underwear. As I said in my previous post underwear on the men was anywhere and everywhere but the woman were sadly lacking. I absolutely adore lingerie designs and designers and I feel this was something that was quickly brushed over. Perhaps that has something to do with the range of ages in the audience beginning at a very young end of the spectrum or perhaps the emphasis on male nudity was due to the fact that the female dominated audience wouldn’t appreciate anything else but personally some more attention to lingerie designers would have given the show another dynamic.

The Clothes Show Live Take One

After an absolutely perfect weekend I am back, worn out and about to start some work. But before I get down to that I will post some of the absolute highlights of The Clothes Show live, reviews of the designers and outfits are set to follow.

I would probably say the best part of the fashion show is how fun it becomes. Unlike most catwalks the models/dancers are encouraged to interact with the audience and have fun and it absolutely shows. With dance routines integrated with an amazing showcase of a hugely diverse range of designer lines the show is as fun to be in as it is to watch (I would imagine)



Second highlight? As much as my boyfriend was not a fan I personally love the men in underwear… Not actually necessarily because they all have incredible bodies but because of the way they get the crowd going. It was clear that the first runway walk to take place (under the heading ‘model casting’ in a mock fashion magazine schedule) had little to do with the clothes, considering the clothes were various pale coloured boxers and nothing else, and far more to do with getting the crowds energy up to make for a brilliant show.


Thirdly had to be Gangnam style. Yes it was in there. I am starting to believe the apocalypse is genuinely on it’s way with the amount this song is circulating but it’s now hit catwalks with full force. And if there was anything that topped off an adrenaline filled show perfectly it was that performance.


All in all a brilliant show. The shopping side of things I felt was slightly lacking, things felt slightly messy and unorganised at times and I felt it was a brilliant opportunity for girls to find their way into this industry in terms of careers (models, designers, journalists, photographers) and I felt this was an opportunity missed by most. The University fair seemed boring and lack lustre and their was very very little info for anyone looking to do anything other than actually design the clothes when there are so many other areas of fashion that girls can get into. If this was to be straightened out then it would be virtually faultless!

Christmas Time

I have been stupidly busy at University recently with the end of term and like a billion essay deadlines coming up which means my blog posts have been, quite frankly, embrassingly infrequent. How do I make that up to my wonderful followers (and anyone else who stumbles upon this page)? Well for one I am going to The Clothes Show Live this weekend so even if I don’t have time on my hands I will have plenty of photos/catwalk reviews/fashion ideas at my fingertips to post but until then I can only apologise with christmas gifts. It is officially December, my advent calendar is open and I am just beginning to get in the spirit and if you aren’t here a few pictures to try and help 🙂 Until next time xxx


Mince Pie Recipe

So my Grandma was always the mince pie maker of the house but in recent years, as my baking skills have improved, I’ve begun to take over and, as she find it hard to get round the kitchen and remember what goes where, give her a little break.

So now she is in charge of bread sauce and I do the mince pies. Let me warn you these are my families mince pies made with shortcrust pastry so they don’t taste like the sort of thing you would buy in a store but personally I would never ever pick store bought over these delicious homemade treats 🙂


What you will need:

  • 4oz Self raising flour (yes I know shortcrust pastry normally specifies plain flour but I always use self raising)
  • 2oz butter, cubed
  • Water
  • 1 jar Mincemeat

What you need to do:

1. To make the shortcrust pastry rub the butter and flour together in a bowel until like breadcrumbs

2. Add a tablespoon of water at a time until the mixture binds into a dough. Slightly sticky is fine but you will need to work this so too sticky is not good!

3. On a floured surface need the dough until smooth (I use my hands but don’t over work it, your hands produce grease that you don’t want in your dough so as little contact as possible is best)

4. Roll the dough out until about a cm thick

5. I have some funky pastry cutters from my wonderful Grandma but if you don’t have any to hand cut the pastry using a knife. Cut the bottom so that it covers the pockets of a cupcake baking tray and the top slightly smaller

6. Place the bottoms of your little pies into greased cupcake baking tray pockets and fill with mince meat. Don’t over fill, you’d be surprised how little filling you need as it will expand when cooked and if it spills over it’ll burn!

7. Using milk and a finger tip brush the edges of the bases (the part that will connect to the lid) with water

8. Put the lids on and squeeze them so they connect with the bottom

9. Pierce the lids in the centre to let a little air out when cooking


10. Brush all the lids with milk, this helps them come out lovely and brown without burning

11. Bake for around 15 minutes. I don’t do cooking times so just check after ten mins and then every 5 until done 🙂

Why Everything is Better Big

And please no innuendos…

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably know I love oversizing. Oversized shirts, boyfriend fit pants, you name it I like it and now the trend is officially in with coats and bags adding to my list of wants. When enormous bags came into fashion a number of years ago (around the time I first became interested in fashion) I suddenly realised practicality was an option. Practicality however comes and goes with fashion; it is not waiting for you to tell you it how functional it is. Fashion is like a boy who spends all of his time looking in the mirror: he doesn’t want to be told he’s funny, or intelligent or even that he is everything you ever wanted. He just wants you to say he is pretty because, really, that is all he aims to be, all that other stuff is just an accident.

Runways for Autumn/Winter 2012 – 2013 were awash with beautiful, enormous bags. Louis Vuitton of course never misses the opportunity to jump on a trend (and do it bigger than everybody else) whereas Marc Jacobs went for a subtle retro with Doctors bags in beautiful leather.

So now on my want list is a nice, big, leather handbag. Preferably Mulberry.


Twisted Fringe Tutorial

I have one of those fringes that isn’t really a fringe. You know where your hair is too short to not be a fringe but too long to tie into a bobble?

This causes some problems in that I had no idea how to get it out of my face when it bothered me. Fair enough during sport I could just pin it back in a rather unattractive manner because I wasn’t trying to impress anyone but it’s not great when I want it pinned back to write an essay or an exam or anything else where it might annoy me.

So I found a style I rather liked: the braided fringe (see old posts) but now I am bored of it so I googled some more ideas and what did I find? Twisted fringe. Takes all of 30 seconds and is, for long haired fringes, a life saver.

What do you have to do?

Real simple.

1. Take a section of your hair close to your parting and begin twisting it

2. Take another section of hair directly next to it and add it to the twist, as if you were going to french braid it

3. Keep doing this until you reach the edge of your forehead where your so called fringe ends

4. Twist the hair to the end and pin it


What Am I Wearing?

So today was my sisters 16th birthday which means birthday lunch out.

I came home just for the weekend so I only brought a limited amount of clothes so I ended up wearing my new skater skirt from Boohoo along with a top I got from Forever 21 in the summer and some New Look wedge heels. Such a simple outfit and so comfy!

5 Reasons Winter is Better than Summer









Christmas knitted jumpers. They are warm, cute and a little embarrassing, could you really ask for me? Don’t hesitate to go a little Mr Darcy from Bridget Jones this year and embrace that knitted reindeer. If it’s homemade you should consider yourself very lucky.


Gloves, scarves, coats, hats, tights. Every item of clothing can go on at the same time. I personally prefer winter fashion because I love earthy tones, which work a lot better in winter (obvs) than in summer. Another reason I prefer cold dressing to hot? It sorts the fashionistas from the Topshop hoarders. My sister once said that it’s ‘very easy to look fashionable wearing all Topshop clothes’ and in summer you can buy a pretty summer dress and sandals and look like your the most stylish person ever, in winter it takes more effort and outfits are always more interesting.


Not having to worry about looking good in one of these. I love the gym but in winter we need a little extra insulation and the comfort of knowing we won’t have to bare all in front of people we barely know is exactly that: COMFORT!


Christmas parties. I admit that party after party, usually with people you really wouldn’t normally socialise with (or relatives you haven’t seen in years, can get a little tedious but the glamour and sophistication that accompany the outfit choice of a Christmas do are second to none. LBD’s and peep toe heels, red lipstick and a glass of champagne? Pure glamour. In fact you might even look so elegant that you won’t have to make awkward small talk with your 25th cousin, you can just stand in a corner and look pretty.


Ridiculously warm, oversized hats. Buy one with fur, buy one with ears, buy one that in five years time you will laugh at until milk comes out of your nose. Winter hats are brilliant and and excuse to keep your ears warm.

Winter or summer for you?

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