My Dad has lived in the same house since I was three years old and up until about a week ago my bedroom hadn’t changed since then. When I started uni three years ago I stopped staying at my Dads so much when I went home and predominantly lived with my Mum. I couldn’t work out exactly what it was about staying there that I didn’t like other than it’s a pretty big house and my room is at a separate end to everyone else (until recently when my younger sister swapped her bedroom for the spare one next to mine) and then I realised my room seemed more like a store cupboard than a bedroom so I set to re-decorate.

The carpets are pink (along with everything else) so I have a little bit of a challenge on my hands. I recently went home for a weekend and a day of shopping and clearing resulted in the photo below but over easter there should be even more re-decorating and here is my inspiration…



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