A Quick Review: Boohoo Boutique

Of my online favourite’s I have to say boohoo.com and misguided.co.uk are top of my list. Over the past few years high street stores such as Miss Selfridge and Topshop prices have sky rocketed whilst exclusively online stores have kept their prices level and afforadable, probably due to the avoidance of things like pricey store maintenance etc.

Both Missguided and Boohoo do on trend pieces at totally reasonable prices however, if I had to pick the best value for money, it would have to be Boohoo. I recently bought a gorgeous midi dress, plain grey with t-shirt style top, for just £12. Even my hard hit student account can afford that. So recently, whilst browsing boohoo for a bargain or two, I noticed there was a boutique section of the site I hadn’t previously noticed so I took a look.

This collection displays more high street type prices (£20 – £45) and a more sophisticated style. So here are my hot picks from the range:

Dawn Brocade Hem Prom Skirt £35

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 17.55.29I love this piece. I’m a massive fan of skater skirts because girly clothing is top of my list and the detail of this adds something extra without being garish.

Misha Jacquard 7/8 Side Panel Trousers £30

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 17.56.54

I think trousers are the strongest element of the collection by a mile. With funky prints and interesting shapes, trousers are the winning article for me and these are so cute. I love this print and think the colours mean they are totally wearable.

Olivia Scalloped Hem Peplum Top £30

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 17.57.11

This follows the skater skirt in it’s girlyness. I love peplum and the scalloped hem is something I haven’t seen before and I love it! Soft colours for a cute summer look.

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