Designer Jumble Sale Returns

First off I am sorry about the lack of posting… my blog looks so sad at the moment as I have been so busy with essays/postgrad applications etc. etc. but I should be back on track now (I hope)!

One of the reasons I have been so slack with posting is because, amongst all my wonderful academic work, I have also been planning and booking my month long trip round the East coast of the USA. Starting in Chicago, finishing in Washington DC the organising has been a series of do I have enough money? to oh my god they’ve cancelled my debit card again. My bank doesn’t really fancy me spending all this money in one go.

However what this planning is doing is motivating me to make money anyway I can and one of those is stripping my wardrobe (sob!).

Believe me it is not at all easy but one thing I hate is being over cluttered and so I am sell sell selling on ebay (if you fancy taking a look at what you could get… from crop tops to chunky knitwear click here -> Linkage) which brings me on to the purpose of this post:



Described by Vogue as LFW’s best kept secret this jumble sale is happening again. If you haven’t heard of it you don’t need to have, the name says it all. Designer clothes at (maybe a little bit above) jumble sale prices! That means the likes of Marc Jacobs and Chanel for under £100.

Why is this so great? Because right now there is no such thing as wastage. We no longer live in an age where old means done. Your clothes, particularly ones made with long lasting quality by the likes of said designers, can live on in somebody else’s wardrobe. Someone else’s well worn is your brand new. “There is a definite feeling that being less wasteful is the way forward,” said founder and former editor Abigail Chisman. “The fabulous designers who make these clothes make them to last. I feel that we are paying them the greatest of tributes when we persuade more women, who perhaps couldn’t afford them new, that second-hand designer clothes are a good investment.”

So who are we expecting to find here? Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Manolo Blahnik and Marni. And no I am not even kidding.

This season’s sale will also house a silent auction and raffle. All items are donated by fashion editors, models and stylists, with proceeds going to charity.

Current Pop-up Shop: 70 Lambs Conduit St. Next charity sale: 20 Feb at The Annunciation W1H 7AH


Take a leaf out of fashions book. Give your wardrobe a well deserved clean out and make a bit of extra cash. This doesn’t even have to involve Ebay if you don’t want it to, here’s how to sell your clothes some other ways:

1. &

These two stores work a little like Ebay except a little more focused on fashion and quality. Both are online American stores.

2. Car Boot Sale

This actually works! I did a car boot sale during the summer (see blog archive for tips on how to) and sold tons of my old clothes. Some of it was stuff I had had for years that was fairly awful and some was really genuinely nice stuff. I sold my boyfriend’s old Diesel top for £25. Things that sold the most: fake LV bags!

3. Charity stores

So you won’t make any money but this is a brilliant option if you are clearing out your wardrobe. When I did mine I separated it into piles: keep, sell, charity, chuck. There were items I knew probably wouldn’t sell for much more than a couple of pounds at a car boot or on ebay and things like pyjamas were a no no but they aren’t out of place in a charity shop. Plus you can feel like you’ve done a good deed!

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