Food Porn

Yesterday my boyfriend and I had an argument. No, let me rephrase that, he said something mean and I shouted at him. I had every intention of not speak to him for a few hours to cool off however he turned up no more than 45 minutes later, in the library, with a diet coke, a box of roses and an I’m sorry card (well truthfully it wasn’t an I’m sorry card it was a get well soon card because they’d run out of apology cards) and all was well. Now I will admit that it was the gesture that won me over more than anything but let me tell you if it had just been a diet coke and a card I wouldn’t have been as forgiving.

Boys, please never underestimate the power of chocolate.

tasty cake 106327241174517669_glLL9RKA_c 223420831483667129_UQx1fW8X_c Chocolate chip cookie dough devil's food cake cheesecake sprinklebakes 4 tumblr_mheexf0jhf1r5xc1yo1_500

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