What It’s Like: To Be An Intern

I’ve done my fair share of intern work; from law firms to newspapers, so I am under no illusion that the work is ever all that exciting. The point of it? Well really it’s to put it on your CV, that’s the motivation, but if I am genuinely interested I do try to view those more senior and what work they are doing to give me a better idea of whether or not I will like the job.

Unknown-2- (2)

So this last week I took on some work experience that I was really excited about at Panini UK or, more specifically, Bliss magazine. If you don’t know it give it a google, it’s a British magazine aimed at teenage girls which means clothes, boys and celebrities. Now I stopped reading Bliss a number of years ago and moved onto Vogue and Cosmo but the opportunity to work for, not only an established name, but also a glossy magazine regardless of the age range was a blessing. So what did I get up to?

Day One

I started my week trawling the internet and the weekly papers for anything teen or celebrity related that the magazine could report on. The biggest story of the week? Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split. No joke. To me it seemed minor but within days not only were Bliss posting about it but various other websites were giving what seemed like hourly updates on the young couples break up!

Day Two

Today started with some horoscope research. Looking at internet star sign websites and other magazines horoscopes to get predictions for this coming month. Bliss do a day by day horoscope with advice for each day so as much info as possible is useful! Next on the list was research on two up and coming bands (buy the next issue of Bliss to find out who!) which was really interesting as one of them I hadn’t actually heard of so I got a chance to check out some new music.

Day Three

Start the day with some interview questions for a regular feature with a girlband. This meant checking out their twitter and any news on them to make sure the questions were current. This was followed by some more research into issues currently in the news that could be topical for feature ideas or real life stories.

Day Four

Today brought me some transcribing which is pretty time consuming. That’s basically listening to an audio interview and typing it out so the writers can edit it into a feature. I did this with 4 different artists and depending on the artist it could take over two hours to do! I also did some ideas for poll questions.

Day Five

Today was pretty much entirely transcribing which was tasking but interesting to listen to some of the bigger stars talk about their latest music. I also got to write out a feature for the website which hopefully will be going up soon!

The week was brilliant, the work was not the most exciting in the world but it certainly wasn’t boring and I’m even more sure this is the direction my career will be going in. I hope to see the girls again in the future 🙂

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