Where to Buy: Wedge Hi Tops

If you saw my posts from The Clothes Show Live you’ll know that if there’s one thing you should be opening the purse strings for at the moment it’s hi top trainers. I personally love my Nike pair that have no heel (hello comfort) but wedge heels are absolutely the rage. The thing is they aren’t your usual heel OR your usual trainer so knowing where to buy isn’t the easiest. So I am here to help. Here’s where to buy wedge heels if you’re looking to…


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 18.49.57

New Look.

Recently voted in Company magazine the best place to buy shoes for under £100, New Look is always a safe place to go for shoes and these simple black and white wedge trainers are just £20 and so easy to wear!


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 18.50.11


I first found this website a number of years ago when it wasn’t very popular and I remember the skirt section only had around 5 or 6 items for sale. Since the day I found it (I’m sure there’s no correlation!) it has blown up in the fashion world with products featuring in tons of the best magazines. These gorgeous suede wedges are a bargain at £37.99!



Urban Outfitters

These are absolutely perfect if you don’t think you can quite pull off trainers. Slightly more understated and totally chic they capture elegance with this surprising trend. A little more expensive at £85 but totally worth it



See by Chloe

I don’t need to say much about these gorgeous shoes, they pretty much speak for themselves. If someones looking to splurge on you this christmas ask for these, you won’t regret it. £248.62

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