The Clothes Show Live Take Two

So if you read yesterdays blog post you probably got the impression that I absolutely adored the show. So today I’m giving a quick run down of my favourite designers and lines that emerged from the spectacle. First off the show doesn’t just do one type of line it incorporates high street, up and coming designers and couture all in one neat little hour.

So from the high street these were my two favourite outfits:

4257180_assocImage_2In above: Shorts and top from American Apparel

In below: Top from The Ragged Priest, shorts from Topshop, shoes from New Look

The High Street outfits were mostly seen on the dancers due to their practicality I can only imagine and if this showed anything it was heels are out and trainers are in. High tops were the shoe of choice both in the show and in the audience and these wedge heeled trainers courtesy of New Look complimented the short/top combo perfectly. The red disco shorts shown in the above picture from American Apparel are on my to buy list. Forget high waisted disco trousers these are super cute and super sexy.

Favourite Designers:

Isobel Webster



Clearly the celebrities are already on this designer and who can really say they’re surprised? Her all in ones, whether full length trousers or swimsuit like bodies, brought colour and shape to the show. Worn on models or the likes of Jessie J these designs look incredible, how practical they would be on the average person is another question. Her designs that featured on the dancers at Ibiza nightclub Paradise incorporated the clubs logo and with metallic belts upheld fashion, class and an incredible amount of sex appeal (see below).

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 22.45.26


This brand was used for the Fashion Week section of the show and it’s obvious why. They’re designs and outfits were out there, original and, in my opinion, absolutely stunning!



If you read this blog regularly you’ll know it’s definitely no secret that I adore anything oversized so this line was always going to sit well with me. Maxi skirts in bright colours teamed with oversized tops seemed like a combination that was so obvious and at the same time so incredibly understated. On their website you can see that there designs are far from limited showcasing fitted jackets and trousers and some incredibly original shapes, seen above.

Inbar Spector

I have to admit after looking at her line and her Autumn/Winter 12 catwalk I was a little disappointed. The pieces that attracted me to her  in the show were far subtler than the line she advertises as her A/W 12 line and personally I feel the latter sometimes come across too busy. However her fitting and materials are certainly what set her apart from other designers.Various textures and shapes combine to make eye catching evening wear, whether that eye catching is good or bad is up to you.


Where the show failed?

I honestly couldn’t pin point a designer I didn’t think showcased at least a couple of brilliant pieces but I do feel there was one element of the show that let it down and that was underwear. As I said in my previous post underwear on the men was anywhere and everywhere but the woman were sadly lacking. I absolutely adore lingerie designs and designers and I feel this was something that was quickly brushed over. Perhaps that has something to do with the range of ages in the audience beginning at a very young end of the spectrum or perhaps the emphasis on male nudity was due to the fact that the female dominated audience wouldn’t appreciate anything else but personally some more attention to lingerie designers would have given the show another dynamic.

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