The Clothes Show Live Take One

After an absolutely perfect weekend I am back, worn out and about to start some work. But before I get down to that I will post some of the absolute highlights of The Clothes Show live, reviews of the designers and outfits are set to follow.

I would probably say the best part of the fashion show is how fun it becomes. Unlike most catwalks the models/dancers are encouraged to interact with the audience and have fun and it absolutely shows. With dance routines integrated with an amazing showcase of a hugely diverse range of designer lines the show is as fun to be in as it is to watch (I would imagine)



Second highlight? As much as my boyfriend was not a fan I personally love the men in underwear… Not actually necessarily because they all have incredible bodies but because of the way they get the crowd going. It was clear that the first runway walk to take place (under the heading ‘model casting’ in a mock fashion magazine schedule) had little to do with the clothes, considering the clothes were various pale coloured boxers and nothing else, and far more to do with getting the crowds energy up to make for a brilliant show.


Thirdly had to be Gangnam style. Yes it was in there. I am starting to believe the apocalypse is genuinely on it’s way with the amount this song is circulating but it’s now hit catwalks with full force. And if there was anything that topped off an adrenaline filled show perfectly it was that performance.


All in all a brilliant show. The shopping side of things I felt was slightly lacking, things felt slightly messy and unorganised at times and I felt it was a brilliant opportunity for girls to find their way into this industry in terms of careers (models, designers, journalists, photographers) and I felt this was an opportunity missed by most. The University fair seemed boring and lack lustre and their was very very little info for anyone looking to do anything other than actually design the clothes when there are so many other areas of fashion that girls can get into. If this was to be straightened out then it would be virtually faultless!

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