Why Everything is Better Big

And please no innuendos…

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably know I love oversizing. Oversized shirts, boyfriend fit pants, you name it I like it and now the trend is officially in with coats and bags adding to my list of wants. When enormous bags came into fashion a number of years ago (around the time I first became interested in fashion) I suddenly realised practicality was an option. Practicality however comes and goes with fashion; it is not waiting for you to tell you it how functional it is. Fashion is like a boy who spends all of his time looking in the mirror: he doesn’t want to be told he’s funny, or intelligent or even that he is everything you ever wanted. He just wants you to say he is pretty because, really, that is all he aims to be, all that other stuff is just an accident.

Runways for Autumn/Winter 2012 – 2013 were awash with beautiful, enormous bags. Louis Vuitton of course never misses the opportunity to jump on a trend (and do it bigger than everybody else) whereas Marc Jacobs went for a subtle retro with Doctors bags in beautiful leather.

So now on my want list is a nice, big, leather handbag. Preferably Mulberry.


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