Twisted Fringe Tutorial

I have one of those fringes that isn’t really a fringe. You know where your hair is too short to not be a fringe but too long to tie into a bobble?

This causes some problems in that I had no idea how to get it out of my face when it bothered me. Fair enough during sport I could just pin it back in a rather unattractive manner because I wasn’t trying to impress anyone but it’s not great when I want it pinned back to write an essay or an exam or anything else where it might annoy me.

So I found a style I rather liked: the braided fringe (see old posts) but now I am bored of it so I googled some more ideas and what did I find? Twisted fringe. Takes all of 30 seconds and is, for long haired fringes, a life saver.

What do you have to do?

Real simple.

1. Take a section of your hair close to your parting and begin twisting it

2. Take another section of hair directly next to it and add it to the twist, as if you were going to french braid it

3. Keep doing this until you reach the edge of your forehead where your so called fringe ends

4. Twist the hair to the end and pin it


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