5 Reasons Winter is Better than Summer









Christmas knitted jumpers. They are warm, cute and a little embarrassing, could you really ask for me? Don’t hesitate to go a little Mr Darcy from Bridget Jones this year and embrace that knitted reindeer. If it’s homemade you should consider yourself very lucky.


Gloves, scarves, coats, hats, tights. Every item of clothing can go on at the same time. I personally prefer winter fashion because I love earthy tones, which work a lot better in winter (obvs) than in summer. Another reason I prefer cold dressing to hot? It sorts the fashionistas from the Topshop hoarders. My sister once said that it’s ‘very easy to look fashionable wearing all Topshop clothes’ and in summer you can buy a pretty summer dress and sandals and look like your the most stylish person ever, in winter it takes more effort and outfits are always more interesting.


Not having to worry about looking good in one of these. I love the gym but in winter we need a little extra insulation and the comfort of knowing we won’t have to bare all in front of people we barely know is exactly that: COMFORT!


Christmas parties. I admit that party after party, usually with people you really wouldn’t normally socialise with (or relatives you haven’t seen in years, can get a little tedious but the glamour and sophistication that accompany the outfit choice of a Christmas do are second to none. LBD’s and peep toe heels, red lipstick and a glass of champagne? Pure glamour. In fact you might even look so elegant that you won’t have to make awkward small talk with your 25th cousin, you can just stand in a corner and look pretty.


Ridiculously warm, oversized hats. Buy one with fur, buy one with ears, buy one that in five years time you will laugh at until milk comes out of your nose. Winter hats are brilliant and and excuse to keep your ears warm.

Winter or summer for you?

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