Halloween: All In?

I must admit I really don’t like fancy dress, in any form. I don’t want to dress like a whore but I do want to look nice and I have never managed to find a balance… either you dress like a slut or you look horrible and I am personally not a fan of either so my missing this halloween was to find an outfit that wasn’t slutty but looked nice, and halloween appropriate. I usually opt for a cat because it’s easy (although not so scary) but I toyed with make-up this year instead.

I thought this spider make-up was chic and original. The second photo also gives scope for a decent outfit that doesn’t have to involve stripping down to your underwear.

I also had a photo of an old friend pop up on facebook this morning… her outfit had been a skeleton. Not one for dressing up normally I was quite impressed with the effort made. The outfit in fact looked fashionable and halloweeny (something I didn’t think was possible!). She wore a similar outfit to below but a little less trashy and used dark make up to exaggerate the bones in her face.

The other option is the increasingly popular Black Swan. Although this did involve a bit too much underwear on show when my friends tried it I am fairly sure it could be made chic if wanted.

So Halloween… go all in, disregarding fashion and personal style and go for all out terrifying just for one night or use the night as an excuse to strip down and show off your curves?

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