H&M and Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela’s collection for H&M has finally made an appearance. Launching on the 15th November it’s obvious this collection is long awaited, but what has this revelation revealed?

Well Maison Martin Margiela’s catwalk pieces have brought us elegance, angles and a rather off form of glamour. My favourite piece from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection is this gorgeous white t-shirt dress which wasn’t out of place with it’s simplistic, oversized nature. This was one of the less structured pieces in the show and it’s relaxed, easy nature is, quite honestly, everything I love in a piece of clothing and it’s something Maison Martin Margiela does incredibly well: teams simplistic, easy clothing with absolute elegance and glamour.

So surely a collection for H&M can only go well? Typically H&M is no Topshop. It’s designs are not always original or necessarily recognisable as being ‘H&M’ whereas Miss Selfridge and Topshop can be spotted a mile off, however what H&M does do well is simplicity so this is a match made in heaven no doubt!

Some surprises in the collection:

Yes the angles are to be expected but the fitted structure isn’t. With some very ‘out there’ pieces, considering the store in which they will be sold, these look positively tame but the contrast between these and the more radical elements of the collections seems almost too good to be true.

My favourites?

I love anything oversized so this jacket for me is idyllic, teamed with a fitted dress and a splash of colour and you’ve got something simple and perfect. The necklace is a difficult one. I love it, in theory. The fact it is principally hair (although I am sure not real hair!) makes me think it might not be too popular but for me, it’s love.

This outfit I would like right now. I really have very little to say about it because I think it’s speaks absolute volumes on it’s own. I’ll be hitting H&M in November thanks!

Yes the collection is a little different and I understand it’s probably subject to a lot of criticism but personally it is right up my street, your opinion?

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