Reason I Love My Room

I’ve wanted one for ages and now I finally have one! I plan to increase this collection as I am completely in love with dream catchers. Plus they do work, I hadn’t a bad dream in days then last night it fell off the wall and I had a bad dream. True story. Maybe I should attach it with something more secure than white tac…

The best smelling candle ever. I love candles, I have about a thousand of them and typically I do tend to go for sickly sweet smells like vanillas and sugar cookies but this was bought as a gift and as apprehensive as I was about it being better than my Madagascan vanilla candle I can safely say it has exceeded any smell ever.

This I love. I didn’t know what to put on my walls this year because I’m getting a bit sick of posters, tend to think they look cheap, so I used a french map I had over the summer but it was small and made my wall look bear. Then I went home for the weekend and, whilst in a card shop buying my stepdad a present, I saw this wrapping paper. It was brilliant they had world maps, tube maps, maps of Europe and all on this really crisp off white paper, not like a ‘wrapping paper’ type feel. So I bought a sheet and used it as decoration! Love it.


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