Amsterdam & Paris

I’m back after a week of long awaited holiday! 7 days in the sun in two beautiful cities and I am feeling much better and much poorer. So where to stay and what to do?

This was my second visit to Amsterdam and, due to limited funds, I decided to book a hotel outside the centre in the business district. I was concerned about the price as I’ve never stayed in anywhere nice for £20 a night but QBIC was amazing! I would definitely recommend it to any couples staying in Amsterdam. The tram stop was a 2 minute walk for us and not expensive at all and the business area was actually quite nice with some really great restaurants right outside the door (eat in WTCafe de Blauwe Engel if you stay round here, the waiters are fantastic and the foods so tasty). Downsides to the hotel? No toilet door however the bathroom is behind the bed so it isn’t too invasive. The staff aren’t too helpful either but it didn’t really pose any problems for us.

Things worth seeing? The Red Light District. Last time I visited I was with my father and two young sisters so Red Light District was off our list of things to do but this time we decided to brave it and it’s a strange sight. You would think an area where girls are beckoning in anyone and everyone all whilst standing in their underwear would be filled with a certain type of person but the area attracts tourists in the form of young lads to middle aged couples to groups of girls.

Restaurant Recommendation? The Butcher. This burger bar is kind of in the middle of nowhere but definitely worth the search! The burgers (I had the Butchers Wife’s Favourite and my boyfriend had the ‘Daddy’) are to die for and with the rather intriguing members area tucked down the back there is a very trendy crowd filtering through a very trendy burger joint. Visit to see the menu.

Paris we stayed in a tiny little place which was fairly unglamorous but the area made up for it. Whether your a 20 something on your travels or a couple getting a few days away try and make time to spend an evening in the area Omberkampf (Bastille Republique), supposedly the number one area for night life not only does this area exude a relaxed friendly atmosphere filled with cocktails it also exhibits some of the best fashion I have ever seen.











Things to see? There’s a million things and in three days we didn’t quite make it round all the sights but, if you can, make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower the view is pretty breath taking. Or pick up some crepes and eat them in the gardens behind Notre Dame or the grass outside the Louvre. And if you’re a couple find a lover lock bridge is essential. There are three in Paris, most famously the Pont des Artes near the Louvre but the one we visited was tucked away behind Notre Dame; buy a lock for 5 Euros and clip it on to the railings. After trying to remove to locks in 2010 the French Government have been defeated by the romantic public re-locking the bridges.

Restaurant Recommendation? The Pink Flamingo

If you’ve ever liked pizza even a tiny bit this place is amazing. The menu is all in French and the waiters, although trying to translate as much as they can, really just tell you that it’s ‘crazy pizza’ but it is delicious. After being set up a table outside opposite the cute camper van settled right outside the door we ordered green chicken curry pizza and paella pizza and oh my gosh, never had a better pizza in my life! They have a few dotted throughout the city but if you fancy seeing the camper van (or eating in it) visit the one in Marais. Visit for the menu.


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