Don’t Quote Me On That

10 Quotes that are perfectly put, starting with this Etsy banner I should really have on my wall “A smile is a woman’s best accessory, sequins are appropriate no matter what the occasion & some days simply require a glass of champagne” “Great mind discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people” “I miss being […]

The Home I Have Decorated in My Head

I cannot wait for the day I move into my own place (for real, not just uni accommodation!) because I have pretty much planned out decorations for every room there could possibly be. I absolutely love Moroccan themed designs at the moment, I love how relaxed it all seems and so colourful without being in your […]

100 Fashion Things I Want

#SEVEN The perfect LBD. This isn’t it but it’s the closest I’ve gotten. I have a good 20 black dresses in my wardrobe but none of them are the ‘one’ quite yet. I firmly believe every girl should have a dress (black) in her wardrobe that fits every occasion with the right accessories; evening, day, […]

What Am I Wearing?

  Been at the hospital this morning desperately trying to fix my broken ankle, despite the Doctors reluctance, hence the dodgy pose (trying to keep my foot off the floor). I got this jumper yesterday and I adore it, so slouchy and comfy and suuch a great colour. Earth tones are my favourite. The shorts […]

100 Fashion Things I Want

#FIVE Topshop knitted jumper. I went shopping in London on Sunday and fell in love with this but, considering I had already bought two knitted jumpers that day felt I couldn’t quite part with the £36 it costs but it’s now plaguing me! Maybe I’ll get enough money on my birthday for it!

100 Fashion Things I Want

#FOUR Underwear. I could happily buy more underwear than my entire house could hold, wearing pretty underwear makes me feel a thousand times sexier than wearing boring stuff. Unfortunately my favourite store for underwear (La Senza) closed last year so if anyone knows of any good lingerie shops, online or otherwise, please say!

Amsterdam & Paris

I’m back after a week of long awaited holiday! 7 days in the sun in two beautiful cities and I am feeling much better and much poorer. So where to stay and what to do? This was my second visit to Amsterdam and, due to limited funds, I decided to book a hotel outside the […]