Interior Design Inspo

I’m back in halls next year and after that I plan (fingers crossed) to find myself a job and move into my own place and when I do these are just some of the strange things I want to have in my home!

I came across this photo whilst on stumbleupon looking at pretty wedding ideas (and trying to convince my boyfriend I really wasn’t hinting, I just like the pictures!). I absolutely love jam jars, strange I know, but I think they are so simple but so pretty. I love the idea of filling them with little tea lights or stuffing them with fairy lights and using them as a lamp.

Dream catchers are my number one. I prefer them hanging on a wall than just dangling but I think they look beautiful hung up. I might sound a little crazy when I say they genuinely do work but I was bought them a lot as a child and I swear I didn’t have a bad dream!

As a writer anything to do with typing, hand writing or literature makes me fall in love in seconds and I love type writers. I don’t really want it to be limited to decoration either, maybe someone who has used one will tell me there’s no point but I would love to think of it as a functional item, writing letters and personal notes.

My Mum bought me a tall Moroccan lantern for Christmas and I adore it so I have decided to fill  my house with them! I’m a little wary of putting candles in due to the fact my Dad bought one (from Morocco) and the glass smashed and it set on fire but maybe I’ll brave up.

Do you have any quirky things in your home? Or just a long wishlist like myself?

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