How to: Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes.

It’s probably my favourite make-up to do because it doesn’t take a huge amount of skill and you can really just keep messing around with it until it’s totally perfect and it’s very unlikely to go wrong. However it is fairly useful, for anyone who hasn’t tried it, to use a tutorial to start off with so here you go!

What you’ll need:

+ mascara

+ pencil liner

+ liquid liner

+ dark eyeshadow

+ light eyeshadow

I don’t specify colours because I really think that’s up to you, this tutorial will work with any colours. I used black, very pale blue (for the lighter shadow) and dark brown but I’ve done it with dark blues and light blues, purples and even pinks!

What you’ll need to do:

1. Start with your pencil liner. It’s important that this goes on first because once you’ve got a shadow on your lid the line is much more difficult to draw. Draw a thick line on your upper lid as close to the lashes as you can. I personally also do a line under the lashed (lifting the lid up) but for anyone who doesn’t like to touch their eyes, it isn’t essential.

2. Draw a thinner line under (as close to) your bottom lashes (as you can). Again I also do a line on my waterline but those who don’t want to, it isn’t essential.

3. Now smudge, blending the line on your top lid upwards. Do the same under your eyes so the lines aren’t as defined.

4. Taking your lighter shadow apply a very light layer to your upper lid.

5. Take your darker shadow and begin to blend from the outer corners of your upper lid, make this as dark as you like but don’t cover your whole lid.

6. Using your lighter shadow do the same action as your dark shadow, blending to (near enough) the middle of the lid (but from the inside corner of your eye.

7. Using your liquid liner to draw a defined black line on your upper lid, as close to your lashes as you can. As you reach the outer corner of your eye flick the liner up just slightly to create a winged effect.

8. Take your darker shadow and, from the end of the liquid liner line, apply a small amount under your eye, blending out.

Remember: it’s important to play around with make-up. This tutorials are simply a guideline, continue to apply, blend and draw on your eyes until you feel happy

9. Apply mascara!

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