How To: Make Your Own Distressed Denim Shorts

With no money and a desperation for a new pair of shorts I decided to do a bit of DIY. After rooting through my Mothers old clothes I found a couple of pairs of jeans to play around with. The only problem was I went googling away to find a tutorial to help me and I really struggled to find anything useful so I thought I would do my own…

You will need:

+ Old pair of jeans

+ Pair of scissors

+ Access to a washing machine

Jeans changing tip: Use a slightly baggy pair of jeans if you can to allow for turn ups so the legs aren’t tight around your thighs!

You should do:

1. Get a pair of shorts that you like the length of. Use these as a template for your new shorts, laying them on top and marking them on the jeans. I gave myself an extra couple of centimetres than what I wanted so that I had room to do extra fraying

2. Now you need to cut the legs to short length. However instead of cutting, in order to get that distressed edge, open up your scissors and use the blade almost like a knife to slice the bottom of the jeans off (as shown below).

Jeans changing tip: Use the spare fabric you have cut off to perfect your fraying technique before starting on your shorts!

3. Now is the fun bit. The fraying. Use the blade the way you did to cut the bottom off to scrape the surface of the fabric. The best advice I can give at this point is to play around, rip, tug, scrape until you get what you want, where you want (it won’t look too perfect yet don’t worry).

4. Turn the bottom of the shorts up if you fancy a turn up and pin into place (don’t sew)

5. Stick the shorts in the wash, this part is where you really see the fraying come out. Dry after

6. Take the pins out of the turn ups and they should be roughly in place. Now your shorts are done, just take any accessories you want to add (I plan to add studs to this pair and a bit of lace to the other pair I did) and customise as you like.

Comment if this tutorial was any help and feel free to link me to any attempts you have done, I would love to see the results!

Good luck!



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