Where to Shop

Where to shop if you’re…

1. On a shoestring budget

I can definitely relate to those of you with an empty purse and a bank card that’s struggling so here’s what I do in times of need.

Firstly there’s ebay. For those of you who are addicts I don’t need to explain but for those who haven’t ventured there yet, now is your chance. Make a paypal account, it comes in handy in many ways, and sign up to the site. Browse using a simple search term: ‘denim shorts’ is a good starting point and make things more specific using the filter tools from there. Don’t bid too early! Standard mistake is bidding early. Stick it on your watch list and go back to it. I usually bid with only a few minutes to go, keeps the prices lower.

Secondly there’s place like ASOS Marketplace and BigWardrobe.com that are designed to buy and sell second hand clothing. Big Wardrobe also encourages swapping clothes which is useful if you want a new wardrobe and have some old things to get rid of.

Thirdly: customise. Take old jeans that you don’t like, or old shorts that seem boring, or raid your mothers/brothers/sisters wardrobe and get out the scissors. Cut, glue, studs, rips, literally do whatever until you like them and then if you decide you STILL don’t like them, stick them on your newly created ebay account!

2. On a small budget. 

I’m not going to go through and name all the budget stores you can shop at because whether it’s Primark or Topshop you can probably figure them out for yourselves so I’ll go through a few that aren’t so well known.


Obviously this is a UK store but they do ship to the US, I haven’t checked the price of shipping but considering the cost of the shoes it probably won’t make a huge difference! They have sales constantly, so on top of the £25 normal cost you have your discounts on tons of shoes.


A US store but ships to the UK. Gorgeous clothes at prices similar to Topshop, so completely affordable. My sister did have problems returning some jewellery that they sent her (and charged her for) by accident but the clothes are so gorgeous it didn’t actually discourage me from shopping there.


Another UK one that ships to a lot of other countries (not sure about the US). Make up at insanely cheap prices and really good quality, I’ve been using the Masacaras for months and I’ve been so impressed, I don’t usually endorse cheap make up but this rivals the most expensive stuff.

3. When you have a bit (a lot) of money to spend

I never have this problem, too much money, so I am not too much of an expert. So here are the two sites I visit when I am looking for the perfect birthday wishlist.

Kurt Geiger

Amazing shoes, undeniably. Personally I would rather go here than Christian Louboutin a lot of the time. Although I love the red soled shoes that he produces, Kurt Geiger bring such a range at much lower prices.


For designers clothes. It is pricey but it is also like my absolute wonderland. Visit this store and you will never ever leave. Considering the designer names your signing on for, the prices are fairly reasonable.


Where would you recommend for these budgets? I always need somewhere new to explore.

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