Interior Design Inspo

I’m back in halls next year and after that I plan (fingers crossed) to find myself a job and move into my own place and when I do these are just some of the strange things I want to have in my home! I came across this photo whilst on stumbleupon looking at pretty wedding […]

Leftover Fridge Biscuits (yummy!!)

Leftover Fridge Biscuit Tonight I felt rather guilty not making my sister welcome home treats after she returned from her first festival so I had every intention of whipping up a quick batch cupcakes… until I found out we had no eggs. So I headed out to pick my other sister up from her part […]

How to: Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes. It’s probably my favourite make-up to do because it doesn’t take a huge amount of skill and you can really just keep messing around with it until it’s totally perfect and it’s very unlikely to go wrong. However it is fairly useful, for anyone who hasn’t tried it, to use a tutorial to […]

Boyfriend Jeans… Literally

  My boyfriends asked me to design an outfit for him using clothes from the sales for when we go to Amsterdam and France in a few weeks so I went through the sales and picked out these things. Some of them aren’t sale items but all in all it came to under ¬£100 for […]

What Am I Wearing?

Last week I was supposed to be heading out for a few drinks at a cocktail bar. Unfortunately I (and they) ended up too tired. Me mainly due to the super strong painkillers that I’m on for my broken ankle which make me drowsy. However I had an outfit planned that I thought I would […]

Cupcake Mania

Rainbow Cupcakes, my first attempt! Cupcakes are my speciality when baking and I love trying new recipes so I thought I would give basic vanilla buttercream cupcakes a twist! Ingredients: 4oz Self-raising flour 4oz Butter 4oz Caster Sugar 2 Eggs 1tsp Baking Powder 1tsp Vanilla Extract 1tsp Red Colouring 1tsp Yellow Colouring 1tsp Blue Colouring […]

Don’t Fret Fridays

Don’t fret if… 1. You like the idea of being¬†spontaneous¬†a lot more than actually¬†being¬†spontaneous 2. Your biggest achievement this month is growing your nails a couple of¬†millimetres 3. You cry at Don’t Tell The Bride 4. You read the 50 Shades of Grey Triologies… 5. And still feel a little too bashful about it to […]

How to: Fake Tan

For those of you who keep regularly updated I am sure you realise I was on holiday in Barcelona a week ago. I did come back with a {sort of} tan but, compared to my two best friends (who I just so happen to live with), I am as pale as snow so I will, […]

Where to Shop

Where to shop if you’re… 1. On a shoestring budget I can definitely relate to those of you with an empty purse and a bank card that’s struggling so here’s what I do in times of need. Firstly there’s ebay. For those of you who are addicts I don’t need to explain but for those […]

My lack of money recently has resorted to me searching through my favourite clothes websites and religiously making a wishlist. Missguided’s online store is quickly rising to the top of my favourite sites, the clothes are gorgeous and sooo reasonably priced! So here are the two outfits I put together recently. I am obsessed with […]