5 Shades of Not-so-Grey

I paint my nails on a very regular basis but I seem to have a very strange array of colours in my beauty bag so I thought I would go through and find out what the absolute essential colours were and invest in some good quality brand new ones. Here’s what I came up with.

{from top left, clockwise}

1. At least one pastel colour. I went with blue because I’m a blonde, so it suits me but any pink, green, yellow or blue will work. Pastels slip in and out of trend constantly so this shade will at several points be very on trend. And when it isn’t? Perfect summer polish.

2. A wacky colour. I always maintain that everyone should buy just one colour nail polish that when they first look at they wince. Why? For the days we feel out there. I personal have a bright yellow which I adore but any bright colour, or even just a colour you wouldn’t normally buy will suffice.

3. Deep red. Absolute essential. No girl should have a nail polish bag that doesn’t contain a luscious red. It’s elegant and classy, evening dress and none of your other colours go? Cue red. It’s a ‘I-don’t-know-what-other-colour-will-go’ kind of polish.

4. Metallic. I personally go for subtle metallics, silvers, golds, greys, because they are easy to wear. However if you browse the shelves for long enough you will come across a thousand metallic shades and colours, you need at least one in that make up bag.

5. Clear. Possibly the most important. It goes on your nails on its own to make you look super healthy or a protective top coat on any other colour.

So go out and splash out on these colours because they are the ones you need {in my opinion!} and then take it slow with the others. Pick up any colour anytime after you’ve got your staples…. whats everyone elses staple colours?




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