Don’t Fret it’s Friday!

The weekends fast approaching (yay!) and today is a day not to worry if…

1. That summer diet you’re supposed to strictly follow has included a few stray biscuits and a glass of wine

2. Walking to the corner shop counts as your daily workout

3. You have your anniversary set as a reminder on your phone

4. You force your boyfriend to watch all your television programmes but refuse to watch football with him

5. You wish you could phone your iPod, keys and every other item you own to find out where they are

6. You mumble under your breath when someone cuts in line in front of you…

7… and to then smile politely when they turn to look at you

8. You outright lie when your boyfriend asks ‘are you wearing make up?’

9. You have more orange juice than champagne in your bucks fizz

10. You’re secretly seething when your friend buys the same perfume as you. That was your signature scent!

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