Wake Me Up Wednesdays

Wake up it’s Wednesday! Today is not a Monday, so you don’t have the rest of the week to get through, however it is also not a Friday so you aren’t quite at the weekend yet.

In fact the best way to describe today is probably mediocre. So I am here to remind you of the things that can take your day from average to amazing.

The start of a diet. Motivation makes me not need food… until day 2 ~ the smell of roast chicken ~ crisp money ~ new clothes ~ new make up ~ clear outs ~ a long walk in the sun ~ an excited greeting by a lonely puppy ~ boys in suits ~ decorating (or at least making the plans for decorating) ~ planning a trip ~ compliments

Wake someone else up this Wednesday: Tell your Mother/Father/[Insert valued relative here] how much you appreciate them. Make it brief, not soppy, just to reassure them they did a good job.

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