Don’t Fret Fridays

I’ve been awol for a while… more than a while… with work commitments and various new blogs etc. but I am 100% back on track! And my first post? Well things not to fret about because that’s all I ever do and if I need reassuring I’m sure as the weekend rolls round, someone else will too.

So don’t anyone fret if…

1. Despite your best efforts to be the coolest, most understanding girlfriend, your biggest argument with your partner is over his video games. And leaving the toilet seat up.

2. You have ASOS, Topshop and River Island up on your laptop whilst you have a wardrobe clear out… well you will need new clothes if you throw out old ones. Obviously.

3. Legally Blonde and Miss Congeniality are still high on your favourite films list…

4. You spent a ridiculous amount of money on a dress because it was two sizes smaller than what you would usually wear and it fitted.

5. You actually really hate champagne

6. Don’t Tell the Bride makes you tear up…

7. …And want to start planning your wedding

8. You don’t have a husband but you do have a very carefully selected list of baby names saved in your phone/laptop/memory

9. You don’t wake up with beautiful hair and casually throw on a mans shirt to walk round the house

10. In fact you better resemble a badly dressed panda.


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