Holiday Update

So while I am out in Spain I won’t have much time in my day to be trawling the internet as I normally do so I figure I will just update with some pretty photos of Barcelona and the fashion here. Normally in Spain the locals tend to wear fairly neutral colours, very Zara esque […]

Food Porn

I’m off to Barcelona for 10 days tomorrow with (as far as I know) no internet, so I won’t have regular updates. Hopefully I will be able to do some fashion forward post and maybe a don’t fret it’s friday before I head off but considering I haven’t even packed I may not manage it. […]

Wake Me Up Wednesday

It’s that time of week again! Things to brighten up your day: The Sun, whether its one day or every day, the sun makes everyones day better ~ watching the sunset ~ indulgent deserts ~ blackouts that last long enough to light candles and play boardgames ~ getting rid of all your loose change at the arcade ~ first dates ~ […]

5 Shades of Not-so-Grey

I paint my nails on a very regular basis but I seem to have a very strange array of colours in my beauty bag so I thought I would go through and find out what the absolute essential colours were and invest in some good quality brand new ones. Here’s what I came up with. […]

Birthday Wishes

  My 21st is fast approaching and I never seem to able to come up with ideas for presents other than clothing. My Mum often buys me clothes but my taste is becoming more and more specific that I am having to make lists… I don’t like it when people get things wrong, I feel […]

Don’t Fret it’s Friday!

The weekends fast approaching (yay!) and today is a day not to worry if… 1. That summer diet you’re supposed to strictly follow has included a few stray biscuits and a glass of wine 2. Walking to the corner shop counts as your daily workout 3. You have your anniversary set as a reminder on […]

Wake Me Up Wednesdays

Wake up it’s Wednesday! Today is not a Monday, so you don’t have the rest of the week to get through, however it is also not a Friday so you aren’t quite at the weekend yet. In fact the best way to describe today is probably mediocre. So I am here to remind you of […]


My plan when I graduate next year is, with my boyfriend, to jet off to the US and tour the east coast for a few months. Unfortunately for me it’s a very very expensive ambition that I need to save for now which means no more new clothes and selling lots of old ones and […]

Don’t Fret Fridays

I’ve been awol for a while… more than a while… with work commitments and various new blogs etc. but I am 100% back on track! And my first post? Well things not to fret about because that’s all I ever do and if I need reassuring I’m sure as the weekend rolls round, someone else […]