Valentine’s Day.

I know the January sales are still going strong and Valentine’s day probably hasn’t crossed your mind yet but my University newspaper editor is pushing for articles for the Feb. month as that’s when the next issue will be printed… so I thought I’d share with you some of my thoughts…

It’s probably unnecessary to remind everyone that, due to me being I student, I have a distinct lack of spendable money; however it’s a very unavoidable fact for me. I started shopping for Christmas presents in October just so I could spread the costs over a few months and with a big family birthday presents are a required spend throughout the year. Then, just as I am escaping a Christmas that cost me more than my bank account could handle, my sisters birthday on boxing day, my brothers birthday in January and my boyfriends all too soon after in February, there’s another holiday that requires me to fork out the cash. Cue Valentines day.

 I have to say, as much as I love my boyfriend, Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that I secretly loathe, mainly due to the fact I fall for every scam round every corner. With biscuits shaped as hearts that will end up being thrown in the bin to penis shaped pasta that costs three times as much as what I buy at Sainsbury’s, I am the reason these products are still being marketed.

And don’t think just because you’re single you’re off the hook, every Valentine’s day thousands of single girls meet up on a day designed for couples and celebrate their relationship status’. The year before University, when Valentine’s day rolled around and I was happily single, I found myself spending even more than I would of done had I had a boyfriend as I attempted to make my many other single girlfriends happy on a day that has the potential to be very depressing.

So is Valentine’s day just one unnecessary holiday that shops use to make money or does it really have some meaning? Well, if we are talking about exploitation of products then I have to admit I would be on the negative side but it isn’t all bad, the day does carry a great deal of sentiment. From girlfriends in huddles comforting each other on the relationship status’ they don’t want to have to couples taking one day to remember what it is they love about each other, the idea of the day certainly isn’t one of malice. However, try to remember; when you’re reaching for the teddy bear holding a heart that costs more than a three course meal, it’s the day not the presents that counts.


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