Don’t Fret Fridays

Once the Christmas holidays are over I will start getting these posts on the right days I promise!

So it’s a New Year’s Eve special. 10 Things not to fret about over the next few days…

1. You don’t kiss anyone at midnight other than a family member on the cheek

2. You get so drunk you miss the countdown. Or you don’t remember the countdown.

3. The whole night is a let down. New Year’s Eve is always a bit over hyped.

4. You stay in

5. … And actually have a great night

6. No one believes that you managed to have a great night staying in.

7. You’re ill (hangover ill/winter ill/don’t want to spend time with family ill…)

8. You knew what you’re outfit was before you knew where you were going

9. The diet doesn’t start till about a week after New Year’s day

10. You start planning next year’s celebrations before this year has been seen out


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