A Small Selection

Just a quick sample of some lovely fashion items I got this Christmas…

1. Unexpected. Every year I make a list of what I want and every year my Mum disregards the list and does her own thing. Luckily my mother has good taste and produces things like this stunning Topshop metallic heels. With metallic coming back into fashion with full force, plastering itself all over the Vogue website, I think I’ll fit right in 🙂

2. Fairisle. A present from my lovely sister. I LOVE fairisle. I bought her a onesie in the same print, can’t resist. Kind of hoping the winter season lasts a little bit longer this year so I have a chance to get some good wear out of it.

3. Every Christmas I get something I don’t want and my incredibly fussy sister does as well. So we play swapsies. My Mum got me a gorgeous handbag with fur on the front which I knew I would never get use out of. So I swapped it for my sister’s gorgeous RI dress.

4. Least expected. Well least expected for me to like it by my parents I think. I saw a girl wear shorts and hi tops in Edinburgh and I thought it looked cute so I asked for some. With size 3 feet my Mum had to shop in junior to get them but they genuinely look gorgeous on and when I decide I don’t like them anymore they are gorgeous gym trainers !


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