Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

With the January sales fast approaching I like to make a list of things I want to get so I’m well prepared and so I’m posting my lists on here…

First up: 5 items that I HAVE to have in my beauty case at all times:

1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (Starting at £16.50) Not too cheap but considering what it does for my skin I’m more than happy to spend the money.

2. Witch Blemish Stick (£3.09) Absolutely amazing with spots. I don’t get spots too often so when I do they come in full force and are very noticeable and this little number gets rid of them within a day.

3. Soap and Glory Flake Away (£6.64)  Best exfoliator I have used by a mile. I do get lumpy skin, especially round winter time and once I’ve used this I have the smoothest skin ever.

4. Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On (£4.99) I’m still at University so late nights and early mornings are a regular. My eyes often give that one away but this stuff is great, makes me look like I actually got more than 4 hours sleep.

5. Blistex Lip Infusion Roll On (£2.99) This stuff isn’t easy to get hold of. I’ve bought it in Boots before but they don’t always stock it so if you find it, grab it. It is the best lip moisturiser ever. Yes even better than good old Vaseline.


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