Don’t fret Fridays

I’ve been away all weekend having some Christmas time at a friends house and consequently haven’t been posting so…

there’s 2 updates coming up and the first is things not to be fretting about this Friday (or Tuesday…)

1. You scoured pound land and home bargains for presents this year. It’s the thought that counts!

2. You post things you want on facebook/twitter/blogs etc. as a not-so-subtle hint to anyone reading

3. You become Beyonce when you’ve had a drink and refuse to dance when you haven’t

4. You’ve only read half the books on your book shelf…

5. But you’ve read all the womens magazines in the house. Twice.

6. You have a day dedicated to washing up/cleaning the house and until then everything is left untouched

7. You don’t wear painfully high heels unless you’re going to a dinner where 80% of your time will be spent sat down

8. You have been worrying for the past 11 months about New Year – who to kiss, where to go, what to wear – it’s an important night

9. You’ve considered mistletoe as a pulling technique

10. You own about 20 blankets/throws that get used on a daily basis. Heating is expensive!

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