After being left to wander through shop after shop while the friend I was staying with had her teeth whitened I found out something I want need. More jewellery.

I buy jewellery constantly and I still never have enough. I personally think Freedom at Topshop is a fairly unbeatable range, closely followed by Diva at Miss Selfridge but here a few things I’m craving…

Rings are very high on my list of wants right now. Particularly animals… as you can probably tell. I saw a gorgeous snake wrap round ring in a shoe shop in Liverpool and I have always regretted not buying it!

Crosses are also my favourite thing ever right now. I particularly love this range from Topshop, desperately hoping my boyfriend gets me the earrings as I have been heavily hinting!

If you fancy buying anything like these they aren’t expensive, all this stuff is Topshop. The cross range is sold out online at the moment but it’s in most stores and the rings are both available online. Personally I’m waiting for the sale because I am too broke!


One thought on “Cravings…

  1. I’m addicted to Freedom at Topshop costume jewellery!! Their pieces are completely unique & quite versatile too!

    I’ve been building quite a collection of rings, and statement necklaces – keeping detail towards the top-half of my outfit is great for enhancing my pear-shape!

    Love the article, stay stylish 😉

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

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