Don’t fret fridays

10 things not to worry about this Friday

Don’t worry if…

1. You still make sure you have a chocolate filled advent calendar every year

2. And if that chocolate doesn’t get eaten in the order it should be

3. The only real reason you want a boyfriend at Christmas is because you’d quite like to maximise the amount of presents you get… and so you have someone to kiss at New Year

4. You watch the same movies every single year. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Love Actually session

5. You can’t manage fashionable 100% of the season. Scarves, gloves and hats are for the everyday English weather… heels can be saved for the Christmas parties

6. Your putting on weight. We all need a little extra warmth this time of year and mince pies are just the way to get it

7. Your idea of helping out with Christmas dinner is making sure everyone’s wine glass is full. Especially yours.

8. You’ve invested in some Christmas themed winter wear for your pet… surely they get cold as well?

9. You write a present list and hand it out to everyone

10. And you get mad if people don’t stick to it


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