What to do with £500

 My siblings and I have walked in tow behind my mother round art galleries for as long as I can remember, as I got older I learnt to appreciate the art but I didn’t feel inspired, I never looked at the work the way my mother did; with unmistakable excitement in her eyes. And then I realised I was looking in the wrong places for artistic inspiration. The catwalk is my art gallery. It’s well known that there are many people out there who consider themselves removed from the fashion industry but as Miranda Priestly once said ‘it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room’. Even those who take no interest in fashion choose their clothes in the morning and walk out of the door representing something; they have created a piece of art that speaks volumes about their character without even trying and that is what captures me about the fashion industry.

As much as I am captured by it I am also perplexed by it. We all know that one person who has always effortlessly got fashion right. In fact we have probably seen them wearing an item of clothing we wore the week before and no one took a second glance and now they wear it and its like Coco Chanel herself has just walked in the room. I believe it comes from the basics; we need black bodycon skirts and a well fitting pair of jeans before we can go on to anything more exciting. But once you have those mastered you are free to begin creating. I’m reckless and unpredictable when it comes to fashion, one minute I am sensible, buying only necessities and the next I am throwing hundreds of pounds at a designer bag I can’t afford just because it’s that indulgent purple colour that makes me melt a little bit. So with £500 in my hand I would go to the streets and see what inspires me. I have the basics so I can go wild. It would be incredibly easy for me to list the things I am craving in terms of fashion right now but tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow a designer somewhere will have a new idea just like tomorrow I will crave something different. Fashion is much like a drug; we need our daily dosage be that from the pages of a magazine or an equally inspiring internet blog, it makes us feel something we can’t quite describe and if we aren’t careful we will be left with no money because of it. With fashion, like a drug, no fix is the same. Today fashion will make me feel romantic; tomorrow it will make me feel powerful.

Every morning we wake up with a blank canvas at our fingertips, so whether you have £500 or £5, use your canvas and create something beautiful.


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