Wake me up Wednesday

some things that make me smile… if you haven’t experienced any, give them a go, they’ll probably make you smile too.

Having a bath with candles (alone). No it isn’t strange. ~ Having a new outfit and an occasion to wear it to ~ Ice cream. Ben and Jerrys. Alongside a good film. ~ stumbling upon old pictures and reminiscing about how bad your hair/clothing/boyfriend was at the time ~ Unexpected (nice) texts ~ fairy lights ~ christmas time and that warm feeling it gives everyone, despite the actual temperature being stupidly cold ~ presents; giving and receiving them ~ a tidy room/house/kitchen, even if it doesn’t stay that way for long

Wake someone else up this Wednesday: Send a text to someone you love who you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Make it short and sweet, a simple ‘I miss you’ would be sufficient.

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