Don’t Fret Fridays

Once the Christmas holidays are over I will start getting these posts on the right days I promise! So it’s a New Year’s Eve special. 10 Things not to fret about over the next few days… 1. You don’t kiss anyone at midnight other than a family member on the cheek 2. You get so […]

A Small Selection

Just a quick sample of some lovely fashion items I got this Christmas… 1. Unexpected. Every year I make a list of what I want and every year my Mum disregards the list and does her own thing. Luckily my mother has good taste and produces things like this stunning Topshop metallic heels. With metallic […]

Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

With the January sales fast approaching I like to make a list of things I want to get so I’m well prepared and so I’m posting my lists on here… First up: 5 items that I HAVE to have in my beauty case at all times: 1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (Starting at £16.50) Not […]

Wake Me Up Wednesdays

Things to wake you up this Wednesday (I know it’s Thursday) Seeing presents build up under the tree ~ hot chocolate and marshmallows ~ old books ~ getting ready for a night out ~ unexpected christmas cards ~ grandma’s/mum’s/auntie’s recipes ~ films so bad you have to laugh ~ films that make you cry ~ […]

Single vs. Not So Single

Up until 13 months ago I had spent the past three years as a singleton. In those three years most of my friends had boyfriends. When we went on a girls holiday to Malia and the following year to Spain, it was clear that not only had the boyfriends managed to come along on the […]


After being left to wander through shop after shop while the friend I was staying with had her teeth whitened I found out something I want need. More jewellery. I buy jewellery constantly and I still never have enough. I personally think Freedom at Topshop is a fairly unbeatable range, closely followed by Diva at […]

Don’t fret Fridays

I’ve been away all weekend having some Christmas time at a friends house and consequently haven’t been posting so… there’s 2 updates coming up and the first is things not to be fretting about this Friday (or Tuesday…) 1. You scoured pound land and home bargains for presents this year. It’s the thought that counts! […]

Wake me up Wednesdays

Some more things to wake up for… sheltering from the horrible weather in a cosy room ~ the satisfaction when you know you’ve got someone a really great christmas present ~ christmas holidays; sleeping in, eating, not working. too good ~ christmas films ~ onesies ~ edible glitter ~ mundane but stupidly fun tasks (painting […]

How much porn is too much porn?

Every magazine, web page or television programme I turn to at the moment seems to revolve around the subject of sex, or more specifically, porn. From The Sex Education show on Channel 4, on which they showed members of the public pictures from music videos and asked if it was porn or popstar, to the […]

Don’t fret fridays

10 things not to worry about this Friday Don’t worry if… 1. You still make sure you have a chocolate filled advent calendar every year 2. And if that chocolate doesn’t get eaten in the order it should be 3. The only real reason you want a boyfriend at Christmas is because you’d quite like […]

What to do with £500

 My siblings and I have walked in tow behind my mother round art galleries for as long as I can remember, as I got older I learnt to appreciate the art but I didn’t feel inspired, I never looked at the work the way my mother did; with unmistakable excitement in her eyes. And then […]

Wake me up Wednesday

some things that make me smile… if you haven’t experienced any, give them a go, they’ll probably make you smile too. Having a bath with candles (alone). No it isn’t strange. ~ Having a new outfit and an occasion to wear it to ~ Ice cream. Ben and Jerrys. Alongside a good film. ~ stumbling upon old […]

Teeny Tiny Pets (and all their downfalls)

We all know Cruella Deville prioritised fashion over animal welfare but it appears the world is breeding its own form of Cruella Deville’s, passing themselves off as fashionable celebrities. Paris Hilton takes the number one hotspot owning animals from as normal as puppies through to monkeys and ferrets; all of which spend the majority of their […]